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About us

Nanjing WanOu IT Consulting Co.,Ltd, is located in the ancient city Nanjing, established in 2006.

We always strives for an exquisite craftsmanship premium quality. Due to the commitment to offering a homelike experience, the company makes every effort to serve people with our original design, accompanied by more entrancing inspirations and life perspective.

With its product research and development, WanOu takes the market as a guide, attaching great importance to quality and abiding by standard, prioritizing to consider the interests of customers, offering safe, comfortable and humanized products.

Our mission

Vitamer is made for people who enjoys life and cherishes themselves!

Our support

Being our sole agent.

We share the marketing latest news and we fight together.


We provide customers with a complete recipe of the juicer, including the practice of graphic steps, easy to learn all skills. A variety of fruits of ways to eat as you like.

After Sales

We have a perfect after sales service system and quality assurance system. We adhere to the principle of “All for customers” and set up a professional after-sales service team.



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